The Chef Eats Out – One Street Over

I’m not done with Mumbai, yet.

It has this mysterious vibe that allures me, wanting to visit again and again.

Being a Punekar, that’s a big thing to say.

Now, this is all about food. If you thought otherwise, well, I don’t know what to say.

A little background

With the rise of the Gastropub, how can one leave behind One Street Over? Helmed by Chef Kelvin Cheung [of Colaba-based Ellipsis fame], this American gastropub in Bandra is a must-visit.

For the uninitiated – Chef Kelvin is Chinese-Canadian, formerly based in Chicago and now in Mumbai. His chef de cuisine is his longtime friend and mentee Chef Boo Kwang Kim, of Chicago-based The Little Goat fame. A humble man of few words, Chef Boo incorporates his Korean influences into Chef Kelvin’s modern American fare.


One Street Over

Finding the place wasn’t an easy task – when I first visited, I went right past it. [I gotta check my eyes soon – OSO was hidden in plain sight].

The dimly lit interiors are tastefully designed, with warm lighting that reflects off the slate walls and mahogany furniture. For a place this subdued, the atmosphere is quite lively, with the banter of the patrons and foot-tapping pop music in the background.


The night begins

The customers here are spoilt for choice with an entire booklet of beverages. Mixologist Arijit Bose [of Delhi-based PCO fame] is the creative head behind these drinks. The selection is quite extensive, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Being a Rum guy through and through, I decided to go with the Old Cuban. Light and elegant [this is how I describe it, although there’s a beverage section by the same name], the cocktail comes in a champagne flute with a refreshing blend of Bacardí Gold Rum, sparkling wine, lime, mint, and bitters.


Dinner at One Street Over
[clockwise from top left] Old Cuban, Animal Burger, and Tofu Baos

The food is what I primarily came for. Boy, it was mind-blowing. The chefs have designed the menu intricately, delighting vegetarians and carnivores alike.


Tofu Bao
Tofu Baos


We tried the Tofu Buns and the Animal Burger. Fun fact – I’m no fan of tofu. I was, however, impressed the way it was cooked. The silken tofu was marinated in chilli, soy, and garlic,  and cooked to perfection. The warm housemade steamed buns [Baos] were laced with gunpowder, the tofu placed on a bed of giardiniera [jar-dee-nee-era] – an Italian style relish.


Animal Burger_1
Animal Burger


The Animal Burger was hands-down the highlight of the evening. Fuck, I never have had a burger this ecstatic in my life. The lightly toasted buns loaded with a seared animal patty, with a slice of sharp cheddar. Offset with tomato, onion, pickles and lettuce, the burger dripping with finger-licking good animal sauce. The strong yet balanced flavours delivered a punch to my taste buds. All in all, the balance of flavours was such that I had a major foodgasm.


Pork Belly Buns
Pork Belly Buns


I also tried the Pork Belly Buns. Belgian porbelly slow-cooked, basted generously with apple butter and served on a bed of kimchi, in housemade baos. Pork belly never tasted so gratifying.


Dessert Time

Desserts were extraordinary. We tried the Nutella Crème Brûlée and the Maldon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Nutella Creme Brulee
Nutella Crème Brûlée


Nutella. Do I need to say anything? Actually, I do.The traditional crème brûlée was elevated by the addition of Nutella. Served on a plate smattered with housemade salted peanut butter, the creamy pudding had a perfect crack. The toasted almond crumble was a great topping, although I would have preferred the native hazelnuts [the base ingredient of Nutella].

Brown Butter Maldon Cookies

Cookies are my absolute favourite, and the ones I had were abso-fucking-lutely delicious. With their melt-in-the-mouth soft and crumbly texture, the cookies were a perfect balance of sweet [Chocolate-Chips] and salty [Maldon Sea Salt]. And with the soothing hot chocolate, the Cookies tasted insanely delectable.


Ending Thoughts

All in all, it was time well spent [over two visits within two weeks, that is to say] over good food and drinks. Hats off to Chefs Kelvin Cheung and Boo Kim, and their team who reinvent American flavors using local ingredients. A special mention of Ronnie and his service team [Suresh for his diligent service, and Rohit for his amazing cocktails].

Go check it out is all I’d say.


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