Pune — Closest to My Heart

Mumbai may very well be the City of Dreams, but Pune definitely is the City of Dreamers.

Dreamers of all ages and sizes can be found here.


Some on their bikes, en route to the hundreds of colleges in the Oxford of the East.

While some in the comfort of their air-conditioned offices, serving the corporate beast.

Some selling tea to the masses, be it rains or be it heat.

And yet some others pulling away carts and riding rickshaws, trying to make ends meet.


With hope in their eyes, and passion in their hearts, these are people not to be messed with.

“Welcome to Pune. Leave your attitude behind, we got our own,” they say.

Mild arrogance and biting sarcasm – that’s their speaking way.


A Puneri Paati [Signboard]. (source)

Watch out for them ‘Puneri Patya’ – sharp and on-point instruction of the townsfolk.

Ignore them at your own peril, and be the butt of an endless joke.


Proud as peacocks, they gladly shut down business from 1 to 4.

These people love their siesta, business is rarely open before.


Lakdi Pul, PMC, Pune
Lakdi Pul. © Aayush Agarwal


It is quite relaxed here, not a rushed and soulless life.

The youth are hip here, and enjoy a vibrant nightlife.


To those who seek culture here, head toward the Old Town

Speak bad Marathi here, and see the locals frown.


Mandai, Pune
Tulshibaug and Mandai aren’t their only claim to fame. © Aayush Agarwal 


The Peths are so interconnected, they put Minotaur’s labyrinth to shame

Tulshibaug and Mandai aren’t their only claim to fame.

Misal-Pav and Mastani are delicacies obviously to be tried

There’s something for every palate here, an endless culinary joyride.


Weather’s mostly pleasant here, seasons that well abide

Hot summers, plenty rains, and rosy winters by the fireside.


Traffic might be an issue here, there’s not much smoke

Greener areas and cleaner air here, no deadly smog to choke.


Dhol Pathak by Aayush Agarwal
Procession during Ganpati Festival. © Aayush Agarwal


Ye all of faith, places of worship stand here tall

Festivals are celebrated regardless, by one and by all.


Culture is not a chore here, but an inseparable part

You must have your own opinion about theatre, music, and art.


Forts and hills aplenty here, trekking can be fun

You could all by yourself, or with your special someone.


History and culture overshadow the city’s industrial might

IT, automobile and manufacturing are the ones in the spotlight.


This city is a second home to dreamers like me

Beckoning us to be alive, kind and carefree.


In the future, I might become another city’s part

Yet Pune shall be the one always closest to my heart.


Made in Pune (source)

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